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T -241 - Run - Foundation with Running Strides
by Denis Oakley in

This afternoon was a run session. I ran down towards Flora Damansara for 15 minutes and then turned back to complete in just over 30 minutes. Heart rate monitor still didn't work - battery problem?

The run was a lot better than Sunday's - shorter so no obvious discomfort - but quite difficult to figure out how fast I should run at the RPE scale. Comfortable but not easy. I settled on running just below breath came with more difficulty but it would have been hard to have a conversation.

Runing from the condo it is difficult to maintain a constant pace as the terrain is quite undulating requiring either wild variations in effort and heartrate or in pace. I prefer to keep HR as constant as possible.

Did 5 x 20s stride intervals - unfortunately turned out to be on an uphill stretch. Good though wih a best pace of 3.32. Covered 4.42km in the 1/2 hour which is a lot slower than I was used to in England but the extra 15 degrees of heat and the hills are no doubt to blame (plus being fat :) ).

Final interesting point was the rehydration requirements - 4 pints of water so far including 2 within 30 minutes of getting back - plus a very elevated body temperature. Definitely lots of midday runs to get acclimatised.

Good day


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