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T - 241 - Swim
by Denis Oakley in

The first training swim: how did it go? Not bad all things considering but a lot of lessons learnt. First though - I had a couple of laps cooling down where I just glid through the water. Mermaid Man!

Lessons - The pool isn't 10m across and thus 28m roubd. It is between 15 and 20m across. That threw everything into chaos so I have no real ideas how far I swam today except that I was in the water swimming continously for an hour. So need to go down and measure properly before the next session

Water - I drank 750ml during the session. Really needed it even at 0700.

Goggles - lost a lot of time with leaking goggles. Change them - but the finis swim mp3 was grea. Queen all the way.

Drills - need o go down with a drill plan. Did drills from memory which was a bit of a disaster.

Did the whole session breaststroke which worked. I started experiementing with how I swim the stroke trying to find something that is efficient and has a lot of glide. I think that there is a lot of improvement in my stroke possible. :)

Current strategy is to put the laps in breaststroke. Drills and leg exercises will be for crawl. Thn when we have a weekend away will do open water swims crawl tying to improve stroke/endurance.

Local swimming pools are too far away. 6 miles down a 3 lane motorway during rush hour in Kelana Jaya. No thanks. I'd rather stick to the pool here.

Tonight steady 30minute run


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