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T - 242 - Getting Ready
by Denis Oakley in

Today is my first day of training. It's also a rest day. I felt a bit stiff from my run yesterday and my right hip ached through the night. Not good. Fortunately I'm relatively comfortable with the run at the moment (well not in the heat, not fast and not after the othe 2 stages - but done a marathon so know that I can do it :) )

Swimming is the worry. My training starts tomorrow with a 1400m session at 0700. 300m of relaxed swimming, 200 of drill, 4 x 100m intervals, 8x25 kick sets and 300m cool down.

First problem - my condo has a cicular pool with two islands in it. I estimate that it is 28m round - so about 25m given I'm unlikely to be swimming exactly on the pool boundary. This is good as it means continous swimming with no turnarounds. Bad bcause it means I can't do crawl unless I do 10m to and fro's across the middle. I've trie swimming ina circle and the constant turning is impossible.

One way I've got of copig is a waterprrof walkman - finis swim mp3 - crap compared to an ipod - but it's waterproof.

So it's breast stroke until I can find a straight pool to use. IF anyone knows of one close to Damansara Perdana by bicycle or easy run . . . .

The other problem is that I calculate it's 56 laps round the pool to do the session. I can just about do 10 at the moment. We will give it a go. One advantage is that I'm on a 24 week plan and have(242/7 = 34.57) 34 weeks prior to the race. So the aim is to to repeat the 8 week base phase twice. So in 10 weeks time I should be at the level the plan expects. :) In the mea time watch for performance improvements in my swimming.

I've also set up my excel spreadsheet for recording my training and spent an hour this evening working through various exercises. Fitzgerald gives 3 sets of exercises to be done on a regul;ar basis on top of the training. Strength, corective stretches and dynamic stretches.

Definitely at the low end of the strength. The corrective stretches - ITB, Achillies and Claf need some woking on. Couldn't get the ITB and achillies to stretch. As for the dynamic stretches - leg swings - ever seen a drunk trying to kick box. It will change and I'll lose the flab.

The final useful thing I did today was to make a huge pasta / tuna / cucumber / tomato / chickpea and sweetcorn salad. Even better Senay did the seasoning with olive oil, salt, cayenne and lemon juice. mmmm.

Still a bit shocked that I've registered and trying to get used to the idea of what I have committed mysel to. I'm telling everyone I meet so it's hard to back out - great trick and preparing myself for the training. It should be a lot of fun.


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