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T - 243 : My First Run
by Denis Oakley in

The last exercise I did was on my birthday back in May, and the last sustained exercising was around Christmas.

I was slow. Very slow. Rapidly ran out of breath in the first half mile and had to drop the pace. Kept the rest of the run at that rate and did about 8km in an hour. Left knee felt a little dodgy as did my right hip - probably ITB so need to do some work on that. Trainers were rubbing the arch of my left foot. Innserts are probably to blame.

Didn't take any water with me so had about a litre as soon as I rturned home.

Lots of things are worrying me. This afternoon was cool and raining and I probably sweated out a litre and a half. 14 hours of effort at that rate will see me down 20 litres of fluid. Add the Langkawi heat and I am probably looking at about 30 litres of fluids over the day- 40% of my body weight!

Injuries - lots of potential issues here - just have to start slowly and carefully.

And of course the swim!


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