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T - 239 - Swim - Fartlek
by Denis Oakley in

This is a bit delayed as yesterday we tried to change the name on the phone bill and for reasons known only unto God TM decided that our internet has to be disconnected for a week.

Still in my circular pool. The best guess is now a 40m circuit. The simming was a lot more comofrtable and I felt much smoother in the water.

Drills were still a bit of a distaster - but I did side kicks, fists and chest presses before doing the fartlek. Got that totally wrong and only did half of the planned laps. I also found it quite difficult to get the speed right. As I increased the speed what I was actually doing was compressing the stroke and increasing frequency. Would I have been better to put more power into the arm and leg portions and glide for longer?

Still took me about an hour and I raced the sun coming over the hill to the east to the finish. I lost but it was a great start to the day.


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