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T - 239 - Foundation Run with Strides
by Denis Oakley in

Went out towards Kampung Sungai Penchala for a 1/2 hour run. Decided to stop at Bike Boutique on the way back so worked on a 181/2 minute out and a 121/2 minute back. This took me up the side of the E11 but fortunately left me at the foot of a very steep hill.

Strides were down hill this time which suprisingly was harder than going up hill and I was quite tired once i'd fniished the 4 reps.

I felt really good starting off but still aren't going particularly fst - a chap in a yellow top rapidly out distanced me. I'm meant to be running at 6-7 RPE and this I've interpreted as just below heavy breathing. With the hills and tenmperature it's a bit difficult to measure but it seems that breathing and legs go at different times but them come back to normal.

Given up waiting for the GPS to catch so mileages are a bit hazy.

Had a good chat at Bike Boutique and gently ran the kilometre back to AT a 4-5RPE


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