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T - 239 - Shoes - Bikes and Pools
by Denis Oakley in

Pondering my trainers at lunchtime I realised that they didn't have that many miles left on them. I went into Cineleisure at Damansara Mutiara to the Nike and Addidas shops to have a look at their trainers.

A few things were on my mind - firstly the miles I'm going to cover training - how many pairs would I need. Secondly finding a pair that would be good for a marathon. Finally a pair that would be good at heat management. 40 degress, tarmace and very soft skin sounds very painful so getting something that would woerk with my very sweaty feet was important.

And final finally - because I wear orthotics I needed a neutral pair of shoes.

Nike - The sales girl was pretty but kmew nothng about running. Going on the basis that I was an ex-pat she decided I had lots of money and offered me the most expensive pair without considering any of my requirements.

Adidas - slight language problem but a lot more useful. Unfortunately the same total lack of knowledge however they had got some useful comments by someone who knew about running scribbled in the staff brochure.

An un-named shop - had male and female running shoes. When I asked what the difference was between the different male shoes I got the response that men wore the men's shoes and women wore the women's shoes. I tried again and then gave up. None of tem impressed me and I am certyainly not going to buy shoes from someone who doesn't know what they do.

I popped into Bike Boutique and they directed me to an apparentlu good shop in Suria KLCC. Can't remember the name - but I'll go and try it out.

Daniel was really helpful. I said that I had started training but bemoaned the fact that I only had a circular pool to train in. Don't worry he said we have a 25m one that you can use! I was shocked! Going to try it out on Saturday.

He was shocked when I said I was going to Langkawi. What's the big deal I though. Well you've only just started training he said. And it's hot!

We'll see in 8 months - in the meantime he'll probably make loads of money from me as I tune up the bike. :)


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