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by Denis Oakley in

After my traffic light experience on Damansara Sunway earlier in the week I decided to try the LDP at 0700.

It was a great deal of fun cycling down the middle of 4 lanes of traffic - but the psychological pressure to go fast to stay safe was quite intense. So I was cycling at more RPE 7 - 8 (GPS never clockec on at all - which was liberating after a fashion)

Reached the hard bend just past Kelana Jaya (2 minutes at the traffic lights back at Damansara waiting to get on though.)

It was also a bit unsafe going down on my tri-bars with so much traffic coming on and off. Didn't need to use my brakes much, but . . . .

Back in just under 45 minutes according to plan.

I think next time I'll go over the Penchala link to the IRB.

Bike has now gone into the shop for a quick clean and checkup. The handebars were coming untaped so I've taken the opportunity to take off the 'pussy' brakes and save a bit of weight at the same time.

Also need to start to consider what to do about the gearing. I'd changed my gears to make the Hellvellyn Triathlon in 2006 a bit easier www.trihard.co.uk/HelvellynHome.htm. I'm going to be a lot stronger as a cyclist and Langkawi isn't as hilly as Helvellyn. But I'll give it a couple of months until I start needing more gears at the top than the bottom.


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