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T -237 - Long Swim
by Denis Oakley in

So I tried out my new pool on Saturday. Empty apart from a security gurd and with great views through the glass walls over the Klang Valley!

As I'd been doing breaststroke all week I did my 1k swim breaststroke and was pleased with the 21:30 time. My best time for open water freestyle was 29 minutes. This was within striking distance of that time and there is a huge temptation to commit to doing breastroke for the race. The principal reason being is that the stroke is more energy efficient if slower and 10 minutes lost on the swim can be picked up oin the bike. The other is that with a lack of coaching how good is my cral going to be?YEs I'll be able to do the distance but at what cost in energy and damage to my stroke?

Pleased that I completed the swim comfortably though. I'm now fundementally confident that I can complete the course. Done a marathon, should be able to do the swim, should be able to do the bike. NOw it's putting it together. :)


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