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T - 234 - Run
by Denis Oakley in

Good run. I got mixed up and did Thursday's today but no real matter. 30 minutes down to Cineleisure and back with 4x20s running strides on the way back.

I used my Garmin Forerunner 305's training function for the first time and set the workout up on my PC before downloading. So it told me exactly when to sprint.

So computers being computers I ended up doing my intervals going up hill. Needless to say it hurt and I was quite red in the face. It was also interesting to watch hgow quickly my power tailed off as the gradient increased.

As I finished the last one and reached the top of the hill by Citibank "All along the Watchtower" came on and I flew back.

Pace for the half hour was 10.5km/h pace which was the first time I've gone this fast in Malaysia due to the heat and lack of fitness.

Just got to be able to go faster than that for 8 times as long now :)


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