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T - 233 - Cycle
by Denis Oakley in

Was up bright and early for my 50 minutes of power intervals on the bike. I'd intended to go and do a loop through Kota Damasara but decided at the last minute to head up the LDP and out towards Kuala Selagor with the intention of cutting back through Kota Damasara.

It didn't quite work out according to plan. I tried to cut back through Damansara Prima and Damansara Damai and both turned out to be dead end. I turned round and headed back starting off my sprints. I did two or three before getting back onto the LDP and was just starting my fourth as I accelerated from the traffic lights. I was just going down on the tri bars when a lorry swerved in front of me. As I started to go left to avoid it I realised that a moped I'd just overtaken was re=overtaking me on the inside and with no easy way to brake (the brakes are on the handlebars not the tribars) I did a huge wobble before recovering control and avoiding all the hazards.

Still I did overtake the lorry. It's great for getting the most outof a power interval especially uphill. I raced another one off the blocks at the Damansara tol.

Good ride though the route ended up being a bit disapointing. The trouble is that tere is a choice of local roads which ae slow anddangerous or highways which are fast and boring.


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