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T - 234 - Swim
by Denis Oakley in

The pool is 50m round and 15 across. So say I and that is the distance that it will remain. It seems good enough for the purposes I need.

Pouring with rain at 0645 this morning so went back to sleep and was in the pool at 0730. Cold and intimidating but not as bad a it would have been in England :)

Swim was OK thoughs it seemed to go on for ever. Still on the breaststroke though I realised during my swim that I could actually move it to the lunchtime spot and go to my favourite rooftop pool. :)

Kick sets take ages and I'm debating getting some fins to speed them up. Did crawl drills and was plesantly suprised with my bi-lateral breathing and ok with most of the rest of the drills. the trouble at the moment seems to be in making sure that the stroke components don't all collapse togeter into one messy action. Slow and simplistic may be the approach to take.


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