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T - 232 - Swim
by Denis Oakley in

A beautiful lunchtime swim with blue skies and sun and the fear of sun-burn.

This was my first crawl session and during the 300m warmup I decided that it would be my last. By the end of the session though I was feeling quite comfortable and I think that I'll abandon the breastroke idea (except in extremis).

Learning points:
  • Kick sets - keeping my legs slightly lower in the water allows for wider scissors and a lower kick frequency
  • Bilateral - it's easier to breathe consistently on one side than alternate between two

Warm Up 300 Relaxed
Drill 200 8 x 25 Mixed Drill
Fartlek 400 6x100 25 Build / 25 Descend
Kick Set 200 8 x 25 Kicking only
Cool Down 300 Relaxed


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