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T - 232 - Run
by Denis Oakley in

I ran down to Fora Damansara again and on a qualitative basis i felt that I was a lot faster reaching the spot I turned back on the 1st July about a minute fster.

On the stride intervals 2 were down hill and 2 were uphill so a nice balance. Pretty good running with no real discomfort. The ITB that I felt initially a couple of weeks agao hasn't made an appearance and there has been no discomfort in my arches. Pretty happy.

When I run towards Flora there is a side road going up to the hill that MK of MK Land fame apparently lives on. There's a gatehouse at the bottom and at some point I'm going to see if I can use the hill for hill training. Probably no chance - but worth asking.

The graph isn't clear - green lines elevationand blue lines speed. Just after the 1/2 way march you can see 4 small blips on the blue line where I was doing the intervals.


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