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T - 231 - Cycle
by Denis Oakley in

Okay I did the circuit that I intended to do on Wednesday goiing out theough Kota Damansara. UNfortunately I was going a lot faster than expected so headed off towards Subang to use the time up as I approached the 1/2 way mark.

Unfortunately the traffic was so busy that I couldn't turn round and so . . .

A bit longer than expected but I feel that my pace is really improving. Ignorning traffic lights and the stops that they caused I felt that I was comfortably about the 30km/h ost of the time. Lets have a look at the graph.

sing the slightly clearer version on my laptop my average was 27km/h which once you take out the 9 stops at lights (in the blue line) give a fairly fast pace. :)


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