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T - 227 - Tri Club?
by Denis Oakley in

After my swim I popped into Bike Boutique to pick up my Marin hybrid and got chatting to a couple of guys - KK and Emm - who invited me to join them training. Serjeant Sam sends out all the training times.

I'm in too minds about this. It's great to train with other people and you can learn a lot. At the same time they're preparing for different races on different timescales and sessions mught be totally inappropriate.

They mentioned 4 - 6 hour long rides and 3500m swim sets. At the moment I'm doing 1 hour foundation rides and 1600m swim sets. Going out with them means either dropping out early or blowing huges holes in my training plan which would lead to overtraining or injury.

Difficult balance to make - but certainly as I most from prep to base into build there will be some good sessions.


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