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T - 226 - Bike
by Denis Oakley in

Back to the Power intervals this morning. Prepared the bike the night before and got up a little earlier so was on the road pretyy quickly. Had a headache and was really thristy so drank 2 pnts before setting out.

I've more of less decided that the best thing for weekday morning rides is to get on an expressway and keep my head down. No traffic lights and cars are pretty considerate. So I went out towards to E54 ad Sungoi Buloh. I checked the instruction for Power Intervals before I went out and the pace should be between 4 - 7 RPE so I slowed down and pedalled in a relaxed manner - and averaged about 40km/h over the second 5kms.

The power intervals were har as I went up to and RPE of 10 but I think I either tend to slacken off a bit early or my power seeps away quite quickly. That's what I'm trying to improve.

Power is definitely increasing and I was bit wowed that I averaged of 30km/h despite not really intending to. Combination of the new aerobars and increasing fitness.


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