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T - 227 - Swim
by Denis Oakley in

I had a late swim heading up to Bike Boutique at about 1830. By the time I got to the pool it was about 1/2 an hour before sunset. I was a bit nervous and spent ages fiddling with my goggles. i was a bit scared by Saturday's bonk. After 10' I stopped and had to adjust my goggles.

Then it was a dream. I had to work quite hard but the pool was calm and clear after the rain and I was swimming for much of the time into the sunset. With Queen cooming in through my headphones (Rock seems to be best for swimming as for running) I just concentrated on my stroke and watched the pretty bubbles forming off my fingertips in the darkening light.

I had intermittent cramps in my arches and on the last few lengths I was in real propblems with cramps in my calves. By the haldfway point of the cool down I was reduced to swimming with my arms alone and my trailing legs (one locked and sticking out an angle immobilised by cramp) were haing a negative hydrodyanmic effect. I called it a day with 100m to go.


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