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T - 227 - New Book
by Denis Oakley in

Tauny Southwood - BRAT chairman - had given me a couple of book suggestions so at lunchtime whilst out on other chores I popped into Borders and picked up "Going Long: Training for Ironman Distance Triathlons" by Joe Friel and Gordo Bryn.

Great book. I pent most of the evening reading it. I lot of the stuff I knwe already - but much of it is recast in the light of an ironman as opposed to a sprint. Not sure it would imake much sense to a novice but sme really good stuff. A couple of the bits stand out in my mind. Firstly thinking about nutrition - they recommend 1000+ calories an hour for the first couple of hours on the pick then dropping to 500. Water consumption is way higher than I've been used to. I think therefore that I'm going to be having to think a lot more about feeding and hydration. In retrospect when I have come back from long rides I have probably been dehydrated and under fed which is why I feel so exhausted.

The other really useful tip was in the use of stretchy cords to improve swim technique. (I'm sure there is a technical name for them . . .). I'm in England for 10 days from next week so spending time doing them will be a substutute for time in the pool - and help me improve my technique


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