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T - 227 - Run
by Denis Oakley in

I lost the first draft of this post with my internet connection yesterday. :(

I woke up a bit groggy and then Shen told me that my new niece Charlotte, who is only a week old had to spend 5 hours beng operated on on Saturday. I spent a lot of the run thinking about her and how her parents must be feeling.

I went down via the Curve and started my intervals just outside the VW showroom. The first two were too fast with an RPE o 10 but I moderated the remainder. I was slower tha on previous days but I'd misjudged the route and had 10 minutes spare by the time I'd climbed back into DP.

Took the scenic route home via the Orang Asli bungalows. Good run and all the cobwebs were blown away by the time I got home.


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