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T - 225 - Swim
by Denis Oakley in

I approached the swim with some trepidation as my calf was very stiff and I suspected that I would cramp up.

I took the warm up easy doing breaststroke and felt good. In the rills I focused on side swimming and then swimming downhill. When I started the main set of fartleks I was very happy with the impact of the drills. Instead of pulling my head out of the water I was managing to turn it on one side and breath properly.

Then my legs started going :(. Very disappointed. I tried a few more lengths but my stroke disintegrated so I spent most of the rest of the session working on my balance. I had a float between my legs and tried to twist to one side and then back with my head in the proper position. Horrible work as water kept going up my nose.

I abandoned the kick sets for obvious reasons and did 300m of breastroke to cool down. Not totally happy but definitely not a wasted session


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