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T - 225 - Run
by Denis Oakley in

Woke up again with a muzzy head and quite thirsty - but HR was 62 - so not sure what is going wrong. Perhaps slight dehydration so need to drink more water in the evenings.

I got a new battery for my HRM strap (RM8) and si I got my first heart rate results on the un today. One other useful tip for Garmin Forerunner 305 owners - if the HRM is not working work through the settings and get it to start the search cycle for th HRM again as after a period of non-use it seems to have difficulty picking it up.

I think that this may be the problem with the cadence sensor on the bicycle as wel.

Left calf was incredibly tight this morning and I did lots of stretching before and after the run. I think a couple of weeks where I was too keem to get out of the house and start running/cycling have taken there toll. Must start regular pre and post stretches on the blacony whilst the GPS picks up the satellites.

Run itself was hard work. The watch kept bleeping at me for running too slow and having too low a heart rate. Ran out to Flora Damansara again doing the strides on the downhill. I didn't use a workout setting this time so did the strides on the downhill section as I was feeling lazy ( I usually do them going uphill but downhill strides are good for stability no just taking it easy.)

Cut back through the kampung under the Penchala Interchange and was wondering most of the way back whether I was going to have to do a few circuits of the flat to use up excess time - but it worked to within 15s.

5.82Km in 35 minutes at 143BPM

Feeeling a bit tired and looking forward tothe rest week next week.


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