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New Triathlon Website for SE Asia
by Denis Oakley in

GoTriathlete.com is a new triathlon and endurance website that I am developing.

I've been frustrated over the last few years about the difficulty of getting information on races in Malaysia and the region. GoTriathlete.com is intended to make that a bit easier for everyone - whether in Europe or the US, or here in Malaysia - to find a race that they'd enjoy and perform well in.

We're still developing the website and it will be going live on the 27th of June - the day of the standard Chartered KL Marathon. We've got loads of great ideas on how to make triathlon more fun and a more rewarding experience for everyone - including spectators.

That said - I don't have a monopoly on great ideas and if you have anything that you would love to see on the website do let me know. Some of the stuff we're doing is pretty cool - and I just hope it's going to work as well as I think it will :)

If there is a race that you'd like us to cover - do let me know and I'll do my best. Similarly if you use great - let me know - and where to get it from and we'll give you and your favourite shop or supplier a plug. Finally if you have some great race reports, or a blog, or photos, that you'd like to share - let me know and I'll do my best to make you famous.

No free Kona spots to readers for the first six months. At least. Sorry. We did ask :)


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