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Hash Challenge Aftermath
by Denis Oakley in

I finished the race and felt happy - but wasn't very hungry or thirsty. I cadged a lift to the bus and grabbed 2 cans of coke which were great.

I was chatting normally to a miserable Dave on the bus - who was fucked off with me because I'd met him on the Energizer night marathon. We'd chatted away from 38 - 40 and then I'd suddenly screamed and run off at a really fast pace: Beating him in by 80 yards or 2 minutes. :)

Got to the finish and grabbed my bag. Got my protein shake out but again had no appetite for it. I nursed a cold beer watching the world go by whilst chatting to Stupe and Azmar. Had a plate of food but wasn't that interested in it and then we were onto the bus.

I had a can of tiger on it and chatted to Stupe and Olya and Douglas from HK and realised that I wasn't fit to drive. Stupe offered me a lift and I remember telling him - don't let me drive dude - whatever I say.

Happily chatted all the way back to Damansara Perdana and then home. Was just deciding to sleep on the front doorstep as no one was opening the door.. Cynthia opened it and I head upstairs. Lying on the bed I was thirsty and cold and feeling guilty that I was in bed with my sports kit and being truly stinky.

Shen came home after a while and I started realising that something was not right. I got her to feed me chicken soup and some Nuun but there was no improvement. In fact I was getting colder, hyperventilating, and my extermities were tingling. Still quite coherent though.

Better take charge: Get me to hospital now. I then started systematically giving Shen notes on my condition and symptoms and what the doctors should and should not do in the hospital.

Ercument and Nur came and helped and had to carry me to the car as I couldn't walk or open my eyes at this point. Was able to tell jokes - but everyone was really miserable and didn't appreciate the humour.

Got to hospital and was put into a wheel chair and then a stretcher and a saline drip attached. Quite quickly I started feeling better. The worst thing was having to provide a urine sample. Nothing in my bladder. Shit. I don't want a catheter. Give me water. That was a bit later. To start with it was hard to scratch my nose - actually Ercument had to do it for me.

My huge fear was that they gave me water and caused hyponaetremia but the girls handled that really well. Then it was making sure that they understood that a HR of 80-90 lying on my back was normal for other people - but it should be about 45 to me.

Still after a time we left the hospital and I was in bed by about 1330. Actually I stopped to relieve Cynthia who was struggling with a very upset Maya. I took over and explained about everything. Why everyone was so worried - and apologised for not telling her what was happening. Once she understood. She said "OK" and went to sleep.

Shen kicked me out and I went to bed and sweated mightily in my sleep till the fever broke. I woke up this morning ravenous and joyfully happy. Only trouble is Shen is truly pissed off with me. I understand her fears and worries but at the same time I don't know how to reconcile that with the bubbling joy inside me.

I had an amazing day yesterday. It was brilliant. I ran for 11 hours - and without that fast STUPID 3km between 31 and 34 I would have finished strong and laughing and had few problems. I ran for 11 hours. Wow. That's tough. That's hard core. And really anyone can do it.

I love you all :)


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