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A Brief Update
by Denis Oakley in

I haven't said much since the hash challenge. That's basically because I haven't done much.

Three days off and then another couple of days of unstructured training - yoga. Then I went off with Dave Spence to Serembam to to a Gunubg run. An easy jog gave me a 161HR which I could not bring down - so I turned back and took it easy. Would have come 9th in the Veteran's category. Pretty shattered after 50 minutes of running and I spent 30 minutes in the medical tent as a precaution.

Then on Sunday I went with Luca to Bukit Aman and we did 15km very easy. Very very easy and I was still a bit shagged at the end. The hash marathon took a lot out of me.

This last week - well the maid ran off - and 2 businesses were at a critical point so I had a lot of time pressure. then there was the thought that doing 5 days hard training really wasn't going to be much benefit at this point - I'm as fit realistically as I'm going to be for the marathon. So I focused on work and getting everything done.


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