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K-Swiss Kona C Review
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I bought some K-Swiss Kona-C's recently. I liked them because their light weight and cool design. However I've only done 12km in them. Not much for a proper review and so I've waited until I actually used them in combat.

It was a bit dangerous to use them in the Energizer Night Marathon. 12km of training is not really enough to allow them to settle in and figure out what problems if any I'd have.

One of the things that made me worry is that although the Kona-C's are stability there isn't quite enough stability for me and my feet tend to fall in a bit more than I'm used to. One question was whether to use orthotics in them or use the existing insoles. Using orthotics with a stability shoe is dangerous - I've been crippled by ITB before by having stability shoes to combat my pronation AND orthotics.  Not something I'll do willingly again and so I decided to run in the Kona-C's as is.

On my previous run I'd also felt that the padding was very thin and that the balls of me feet get very sore quite quickly - 10km+. Would this lead to an agonising marathon?

Everything went really well on the foot basis. From about 15km  - 18km I had a hotspot under my right big toe but that then went away. I also have a blister on the front of my right big toe just by the toenail - didn't realise until Senay checked my feet at home. That was originally cause by the crap Nike trainers and is probably not to do with the K-Swiss.

I suffered quite a lot of foot compression as my arches didn't have the support that they were used to and this resulted in feet that ached and felt a bit unnatural at the end of the race - think of Chinese footbinding . . . However there was no real impact on the race itself. 

Equally my ankles suffered from the under stability that I needed and were sore from providing the additional support as were my knees. However my legs had sufficient strength to compensate for this and it's a reasonable cost for racing in a pair of untested shoes. 

I am a heavy sweater and one of the reasons why I like the Kona-C's is the drainage channels in the bottom of the shoe. I've no evidence that sweat was squirting out the bottom of the sole through the race - but I never noticed the shoes once I started running. They felt really light and compared to most of my other shoes they STAYED light. 

Compared to many shoes there is not a lot of water absorbing fabric and I've found that with other shoes the combination of sweat and ice sponges can really make it a chore of lifting your feet up. No problem here. This made my high cadence strategy workable. 

I think that I will probably buy another pair but with neutral support so that I can use my orthotics in them. 

So all in all I'm pleased with the shoes and will make them a permanent part of my race repertoire. 


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