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Ironman Thoughts
by Denis Oakley in

I've signed up for the KL marathon at the end of June. I want to get a really strong base of marathons behind me this year. With all the 5km swims I've been doing the ironman portion is not a psychological threat; and I've done 180km on the bike enough times not to be too worried by it. I just want to nail these marathons so that I can get off the bike and run and run well. 

At a rough estimate I can save:
15 - 20 minutes on the swim - 1:15 ish
1 hour on the bike - 5:30
2 1/2 hours on the run - 4:00

The big gains come from the run and being able to run the run; RACE the run. To do that I need to be psychologically comfortable with the distance, to understand how I feel at different stage, know what I can do, know how much I can push, and work out how to control the pain. 

It's going to be fun.


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