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A Good Week of Triathlon Training
by Denis Oakley in

I'm now training every day and getting well into the routine of things. It seems a long time since November and my fitness level has massively improved. As has my strength. Whilst I'll never be up there in the bulging biceps crowd I do at least have some and like a 16 year old in the first flush of testosterone enhanced growth I think 'cool'

Mentally I'm now counting down to the Kapas Marang Swimathon. I have little more than a month to go (with 10 days of that in Turkey) and I now feel that I have the stamina and strength to complete the course. A lot depends on the actual day but givenb my historical record of performing better in open water than the pool I'm now optimistic that I should be in the top third.

Swimming is now my focus and I have 3 sessions a week - clocking up around 10km of which about 2km are sprints - yes my arms do ache.

Following on the heels of Kapas Marang I have the Jungle Marathon and then a month after that the Everest Marathon. Running training seems lower key than the swimming but that probably reflects the lower amount of time spent doing it and the relative psychological ease. It's also been a bit more troublesome than the swimming. I hammered my right heel on some stone running fast down hill a month or so ago and it still feels pretty sore and bruised. Possibly planar fascitis. More importantly running in my Vibram Five Fingers is not an option for marathon distance. There is not enough padding for more than 15km on tarmac. I bought a pair of Nike Lunarlite trainers - they seemed fine in the shop but rub really badly when I actually run. So find an alternative....

Cycling - is on a maintenance level till June and I get the running out the way.

So how was the week that was?

One of my best weeks ever. I did every session and I had a couple of small breakthroughs in the training. Vinnie said something about a dead-spot and I realised that I was actually swimming a modified catchup. So stroke change again so that I am pulling continuously with one arm or another. Hard going as they now have less time to recover - not sure if I'm going faster as I don't time myself. The other one was that running on a treadmill you can vary the effort by altering cadence as well as slope and speed. Sounds simple but many simple things are obvious only after a while.

So all in all pretty happy with where I am going forward.


popisdead said...

Sounds like its all going swimmingly :-)

Marathon training currently going well. Had a 20Mile race on Sunday, treated it as a long slow run, but wanted to do a negative split.

Took 3hrs 3mins. 1st 10miles 1hr33 :-) Really chuffed, had a few 9 minm miles left in the tank. But would have struggled with another 6.

Denis Oakley said...

Too much so. I'm psyching myself up for the 5km swim tomorrow morning. Into the pool at 7 and out at 0930! Well not that bad but it feels like it.

That's a cracking run! I wish I could run that fast. I went out mid afternoon today doing negative splits 20/20/20 Easy/mod/hard. At 35C it didn't quite work as intended and I struggled from the start - sunny and not much wind for the first 2/3rds.

Night Marathon next weekend if you're interested. Leave work Friday lunchtime land early evening - run and get back on the plane just after midnight and be back for Sunday lunch in Brum? he he he

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