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Super Sandwich Bike Day
by Denis Oakley in

Just did the first of my new bike sessions. I'd complained that the 1 minute big gear efforts were a bit easy. The result I now have to do 3 minute efforts. Thanks. Like all new sessions I didn't get it entirely right.

I came out to my bike and discovered that it had got a puncture. As I'd got limited time between getting home and going out for an evening meeting that was a real bugger. So I started off a bit late and cut the 10 minute warmup to 5. (In my defence I'd also had a foot massage this morning as my calves were stiff). Then 6 x 3 minute efforts with 90s rest intervals in between.

I should have increased the cadence on the 3rd and 6th repeat but hadn't read the instructions properly. Oh. And I should have been doing it all on a moderate big gear - not on my biggest. Definitely time for new chain rings.

Just had a pint of protein juice and half a loaf of bread. :) Shower and off to KLCC in the rush hour. Joy


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