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New Kit for my Bike
by Denis Oakley in , , , , ,

I've been muttering about my bike for a while. When i was peaking last year for IM langkawi I found that I was in the top gear of the big chain ring for most of the time. To go faster I needed to increase my cadence - and that knackered my legs and was one of the reasons for my speedy 6 1/2 hour marathon :)

So I took a tour of bike shops yesterday and today. Bike Boutique - didn't have. Edwin was closed. Bike Pro had - but I had an interesting discussion with Wong and co about why I wanted such a big chain ring. Triathlete - crazy man - but yes they all do have 55T chain rings. At least I wasn't in too bad a company :)

So here is the bright shing new chain ring. I haven't ridden it yet. For those interested inn the technical details it's a Shimano Dura-ace 55T-42T Outer and inner chain ring set.

I'm sure that it is going to cause some pain when I get going. :)

I also managed to destroy a tire coming down from Genting Sempah this morning and so have a new pair of Continental Grand Prix 4000 Vectran tires. Bright red to go with the bright red stuff wrapped round my tri bars.

So I am now broke and am staying away from bike shops for the rest of the weekend :) [month....maybe]


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