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Swordfish Swim
by Denis Oakley in

Aaah. If I'd had a knife for a nose I'd have sushi'd the Tuna in the pool. As it was I just sped up and down.

Usual Thursday swim of 12 x 50, every 4th fast, 9x50, every 3rd fast, 6 x50, every 2nd fast, 2x50, all fast. Topped and tailed with a 200m armu p/ cool down.

It asn't readily apparent hen I read this for the first time that what you actually end up doing is 3 50m sprints with 30s recovery. This is Hell.

Senay had the car today and so I decided to cycle down. So quick change in the office and then stopped of at TBB for more air and grease- Daniel is a star as ever.Then tried to draft a cement lorry much to the irritation of other car drivers - I was going faster than them. End up pumped with adrenalin at the club. Straight to the pool and, shirt off, nose clips on and a back roll into the pool a la Bond and straight off swimming. Felt cool even it it didn't look it. I didn't check the CCTV to find out though.

I need warmups as my arms always feel like shit during them. Took the easies very easy this time and focused on developing power as i pushed my hand down my side. The first fast came in at 52s, the second at 50 and all were under 55 with an average of probably 53. That's about 10s faster than last week. If this rate of improvement continues I'll be able to hunt down sharks with my bare teeth in the Adamans and be back in Port Dickson for lunch time.

Great session. Really enjoyed it, though I noticed that as my arms got tireder my stroke disintegrated and I was more of a splash monster than anything else. Over the net few weeks I expect that the strength I am developing will mean that I can maintain my form to the end of the length and that will provide further speed gains. Judging from where I start failing I reckon that I have another 7s of easy gains that can be made :)

Jumped out of the pool downed a coke and headed back up the hill swigging a protein shake. I felt good :)


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