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Balcony Bike Bash
by Denis Oakley in

Ooooooh. I didn't want to get up this morning. For the first time in ages I hadn't had a beer the night before and i'd gone to bed relatively early. So why did I have a hangover and an inability to get out of bed? Forgot to take my sinusitis antibiotics again. Damn. So the centre of my forehead feels like a zit that needs to be popped. Have some water. Go back to sleep.

10 minutes later I'm mentally working on a pricing strategy for a customer. This is not sleep. So I struggle out. Bike shoes. Good. Shorts. Found by the washing machine. Gloves. in another room and as a result of last week's timing issues a stopwatch.

Onto the bike for 10 minutes light, then 10x1 minute max power efforts with 60 s recovery and then a cool down. Cycled for a few minutes, stopped, turned the turbo selector to mountainous and hopped back on. For some reason the stereo was playing chilled out dawn music and so as it slowly got light and the birds started dancing I span to the the sublime sounds of arabic chillout, Bliss and Duffy.

The stupid garmin gps I bought in February still hasn't let me figure out how to work it. For sale at a knock down price and I'll go back to my trusty 301.

So the 10 reps were ok. The first two were very painful as my muscles protested under the load. The later ones more so, but at the same more accepting. As the turbo provides an exponential increase in resistance it's hard to tell how hard you're working. I maxed the gears and was working at a good cadence. Never thought to count but probably a bit higher than 45.

I think that I may need a new chain ring to enable more power to be developed. On the turbo if you can push at max gear with 60rpm, how do you push harder with a lower cadence? Add brakes - yes, but that is a short term soln

Anyway may came down the stairs and was smiling at me, whilst holding a giant Minnie mouse, as I did my tenth. Couldn't work out why Daddy had such strange expressions and was grunting so much. :)

Not so boring as previous week.


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