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First Bike Ride in Months
by Denis Oakley in

The tires weren't flat, the rubber hadn't perished but the legs were weak and the lungs were small. I'd intended to go to Bentong with PCC but as I woken up at 0845 and they'd met at Sempah at 0730 that obviously hadn't worked.
So decided to do a quick loop round the local area and went off down the LDP to Sungai Buloh and back via Kota Damansara. The first thought as I headed out was this is a bit small compared to my SUV! Arm muscles were weak and it was hard to stay on the tri bars. Acceleration, stamina, strength, breath and HR were all lacking. So I decided that a hour long session was sufficient and to try and work on lo9ts of short 1 hour sessions to build up my fitness level.


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