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by Denis Oakley in

What an excellent morning. I left the house at about 0723 and after a few moments thought I put on Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Not the best idea I've ever had as it magically took me about 70 km/h over the speed limit on the LDP and I was in that wonderfully emotional nirvana as I saw myself running up the mountains the same way. Some amazing trance like music - all instrumental - from Niyaz took me to the gates of FRIM and I limbered up for the first proper training run in almost 9 months.
With KK only a few weeks away I need to boost my trail skills and FRIM is close and steep. I knew it was going to hurt and I'd accepted before I started that I'd probably fall on the descents. I'd got my mountain pack with me - first aid kit, trousers and windproof jacket as well as a litre of water and some gels.
The bag worked really well. very comfortable and barely noticeable when running despite the fact I was probably carrying 2kg on my back.
I should probably go for more chilled out music in the car as my arousal was way too high as I headed up the slopes. Up to the turning took me 7 minutes and overconfident about how good I was feeling I carried on with a run and power climbing - head down, hands pushing body up off legs as legs pushed down, legs turning over as fast as the trail allowed. I burnt out about 2/3rds the way up - totally aerobic. :( So I walked the rest of the way to the canopy walkway and then took 5 to recover. I think that is one of the most important things for KK. I must stay anaerobic no matter how much I want to push.
The path down was fast - delayed only by other people. My new Montrail trail shoes were much better than my old Innovat8 Fly-Rocs and had great cushioning and impressive grip. I pushed myself on the descent and really enjoyed it.
Back the way I had come and I fairly flew down the trail to the car - on the steep bit I finally managed to overcome my leaning fear and was leaning so far forward that I had to have my arms out to the side to help me maintain balance as I fell down the trail peaking at 23km/h! HRM was 200+ but wow it was amazing!
I collapsed at the car and thought about going home but after 5 minutes I picked myself up and set off at a slow jog to do the reverse circuit (without the canopy trail). Slow along the road and I was aware that my big left toe had taken a battering. The toenail has only just grown back so I guess that I'm probably going to lose it again. The right foot was tingling a bit - need to look at my lacing.

Slow climbing up but maintained a steady pace and overtook everyone I saw. In this respect FRIM is much better than pushing a pram with pacesetters. Everyone is slower than me - except the bikes on the downhill sections. :)
Came up to the stream and realised that I was only a few minutes short of the hour. Could I get back to the car by the hour? Having cracked the downhill on the first circuit I pushed. I broadly ignored my foot positioning trusting in my Montrails and concentrated on leaning forward and avoiding people. Missed all of them - but did come close on a couple of occasions. Listened to Deep Dish - coming down that and then at the bottom pushed to get to the car. I wimped as I got to the tarmac and then pushed on though I was going slower with each step. I hit the car as I pressed stop, kind of slid along it and then hit the ground. The ground was so cool it was wonderful. A few minutes recovery then I took my shoes off and popped my feet into the fish pond to have them nibbled whilst I had a protein bar and a can of 100PLUS.
The drive home was slow, chilled and happy


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