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Thank God for Gong Xi Fa Cai Mandarins
by Denis Oakley in

Ice cold straight from the fridge mandarins after a baking midday run. Lovely!

When I posted this morning I had totally forgotten that I was running at lunchtime though I had brought all my kit with me. All my blood must have pooled in my arms and abandoned the brain. :)

I'd intended to head out to Sunay Damansara but a last minute swerve led me through Penchala, TTDI, 1 Utama and back past the Curve. A nice hilly route with little shade and the temperature at 35C when I passed the board at 1 Utama.

I'm definitely getting the hang of this running in the heat as my split averages were pretty good. 5.54 (moderate), 5.26 (comfortably uncomfortable) and 4.58 (fast). The CU was killed a little bit by a 2 minute ait at the lights at 1 U and it was really difficult to get my legs turning over fast for a few minutes after that. 

Cadence is generally improving. On one of the hills I noticed that it was about 106rpm (though footplacements were overlapping) and in general it is starting to come more naturally. Starting off it always takes a fe minutes to get into gear - it's quite interesting at some point my body desides it's ready and it slips from 80rpm to 96 very quickly.

Looking at the instructions again though I only managed to make 96 on the fast. The other 2 were 93's.

RUN • 10min w/u and 10min c/d w/u + 15min/15min/10min + c/d • Keep your stride rate at or higher than 96 steps per leg per minute.


Anonymous said...

To my handsome, hardworking, self disciplined, fun, loving, husband, friend, partner and a wonderful father to Maya;
You worked very hard for IM and I know you will have fun during the race and not care about any stats so here is a sincere wish to you from Maya and me that you will have great memories of the event and that you will feel proud of your hard efforts and hard work at the end of it!
We love you baby!

Hugs and kisses

Senay & Maya

Anonymous said...

Its almost 6am and Denis is at transition point preparing for his big race for the ironman and I'm feeling emotional and full of pride for him. Best of luck and hope all goes well with him! Love you beyond any words can ever describe my handsome prince!

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