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Monday and Tuesday
by Denis Oakley in

Monday I slacked by carrying Maya and pram up and down stairs at Genting but did no structured training. :(

This morning I was in the pool at 0700 doing my lengths

SWIM w/u: 12x50m easy (10sec rest after each) 2x the following (use pb + small paddles) [18x25m as • First 2 are swum EASY (20sec rest) • Every 3rd 25m effort ALL OUT (20sec rest) • After the 25’s, swim 200m ALL OUT (no pull buoy or paddle) • Take 4min total rest (no swimming) ] • Repeat the above as indicated Followed by: 3x400m as 1 easy/1mod/1 FAST (all 30sec rest) (with paddle/pb) c/d: 4x 100m easy (with paddle/pb)

I did the hole set apart from the cool down! Wow. I thought I had to to the 25's 4 times - I did use big paddles though and my arms were dead by the end. That's made my day a bit. :)

Got a text after I'd been in the pool for a bit from Emma asking whether I was going the the pool. "In it" as the laconic response.

She turned up 20 minutes later and we both agreed that it was marvellous pool for training in and post Langkawi we could arrange some group sessions. (If I keep swimming).

With all the speed work today I found it quite a challenge to get my stroke right so that I wasn't using loads of energy and going slower than normal. I think it ill come ith practice but for the moment my tank like approach does help build up my strength and endurance for the 'easy' sim that I have at the end of next month. :) 


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