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T - 96 - Sprint TT - Sunday
by Denis Oakley in

Got back from Bukit Fraser about lunchtime and went out to do my TT sprint at about 1500. First off was 800m in the pool at Metropolitan Square. That went well - though I felt a bit of drag from my trisuit. technique wasn''t great and I started off a bit fast - but in what race do you do the first few hundred yards with a heart rate of 140? Did it in 17 minutes or so which was pleasing and picked my bike up off the side of the pool and headed down in the lift.

The cycle took me out onto the LDP and down Jalan Kuala Selangor turning at Sungai Buloh before return the way I'd come andn dropping the bike off at AT. There was a vicious headwind on the way out but I fairly flew on the return. 

Heading off on the run was quite hard. There seem to be two problems that I have with the run. Firstly there is the fun bit of getting off the bike which is painful but manageable. then there is the sudden overheating that I suffer as a result of losing the cooling effect of being on the bike. The out to Kota Damansara was hard until I hit a patch of shade wih a bit of wind and the pace speeded up. Consequently my return flet like I'd done a negative split even though it was all up hill. The run was 5k in about 30 minutes which wasn't bad for the heat - though slow compared to morning running.

Pleased overall with the performance - especially the undertsnading of how my body works with the heat.


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