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T - 93 - Run and Swim - Wednesday
by Denis Oakley in

Senay had a success at work on Tuesday so we had a few beers in the evening. Alarm clock went at 5. Reset. 6. Reset. 7. Abandoned Idea of run. Tried to do core exercise. Abandoned. Had breakfast and shower.

Mid afternoon I went out to do my lactate intervals.  I had 8 1 minute efforts seperated by a 1 minute jog; top and tailed by 10 minutes of warm up cool down. I decided that this was something better done on the flat and so jogged down to the Mutiara Damansara township and did the loop round there. The first 2 or 3 were ok. Then they got hard. 

I know my speed reduced, I know I started walking during the recoveries - it just hurt so much that by tyhe last 10 - 15 seconds of each rep I had my eyes closed and was running blindly. The heat was a killer but I finished it. The next 3 weeks will be worse each week though  :)

Stopped at BB for some water and ran briskly home feeling pretty good.

Swam an hour later. Sam and Carmen were already in the water so I just fitted in. I did a couple of laps and then started with 800m with pull buoy. This was followed with 800m of paddles (using Sams) These were huge and quite strange to get used to. It was like swimming through treacle.  My 800's were Sam's 800m - however much slower I was than him.

Then did 5 x 100m sets with pull buoy. Without the paddles I seemed to glide, and as I was breathing every 4 I lost a lot of the turbulence associated with breathing and felt as if I was moving a lot fasdter. Really pleased. A real breakthrough session.


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