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T -117 - Run - Sunday 2nd November
by Denis Oakley in

I'm now starting to feel guilty about the lack of swimming. It will be solved. :)

This morning I went down to Bukit Aman and didn't get lost. :) Glad I checked Simon's blog for the time as I'd have been later otherwise. As it was I was wishing that I had been late as I tried to keep up with Sam and Emma for the first 30 seconds. Then felt that being late was an even better idea as I struggled to keep up with Bee and Dave. KK - had seen this coming and took off 5 minutes early with my drink money.

I always find running fast from the start hard and painful. Most of my runs by myself build up after about 5 - 8 minutes to a pace. I hung it there and chatted happily with Bee about gadgets I have and would like all the way to Petronas. I didn't do the loop as I was conscious that I didn't want to do too much more than the 1 hour 30 that was programmed so I did 9.52km in 54:08which I was quite happy with. 

I stuffed myself with a coke, bottle of water, mars bar and gel and headed off back - almost forgetting the car keys. I started off with Dave and Beebut found the pace a bit slow and slowly concentrated on whittling down the distance to KK and Emma in front. The Emma and I ran back the last 2/3rds with me just managing to keep talking. 

Looking at my data it seems that we did 9.6k in 52:22 though it felt faster. On first glance at the figures I thought I'd done it in 40 minutes which  would be close on a PB but without sufficient effort. No such luck.

I suffered a bit afterwards as I had lower back pain, some glute/ITB aches and my left heel is really painful. The back and glute/ITB stuff is being worked on already with my core exercises and I think I'll need to put some more effort into them. The heel pain is a lot more worrying. I've no running until Wednesday morning so that should help - but from the look of this site http://www.time-to-run.com/injuries/thebig5/plantar.htm it looks as if it may be Plantar Fasciitis. :( Picking up marbles with my toes and lots of calf stretching.

Overall very pleased with the run. I did a negative split which was encouraging and was still able to talk indicating that I still had some spare fuel in the tank. Generally I was faster than most people doing the run - at least I passed and wasn't passed that much. Downside it was quite a stress on the systema and I picked up a bunch of niggles which I need to look after carefully.


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