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T -112 - Run - Friday 7th November - Not as boring as usual.
by Denis Oakley in

A bit strangely I woke up in someone else's bed this morning with a woman. Fortunately it was the spare room and Senay - but it was a bit odd. I left her to sleep  got my lycra on and headed out the door intending to do 40 minutes and then a good stretching and flexibility session. 

I started off very slowly with a nice dynamic warmup - justification for not stretching pre-run - and slowly picked up the paace as I headed down the hill into Fora Damansara. My new orthotics still feel pretty odd to start with but after 10 minutes or so they feel entirely natural. I intended to do a bit of a circuit but as I was a bit ahead of myself I realised that I'd be back home in about 32 minutes rather than 40 planned. So I headed out past Wisma Mofaz on the LDP intending to do a quick out and back to make up the time. As I went past one of the car repair places - it was about 0640 and just starting to get light - a couple of dogs came out after me and didn't give a friendly impression. I ran on through them getting a claw scrape on one calf that didn't do any damage. At the Petrona garage I was a bit hesitant about going back - but the alternative was to go throu 1 U and take the run up to an hour. I turned round and wary of the dogs decided to up the pace as I went past and stay on the far side of the road. 

8 of the fuckers came for me. I'm not known for violence against animals but this looked a lot more like a hunting pack the way they were going for my calves trying to cripple me. One bit me and with the best below of rage that I could give  I went for them. One advantage of doing lots of training on the bike is that when you kick something hard it generally absorbs quite a lot of momentum. It was very satisfying to feel my foot connect with a set of ribs and see the dog go flying. It was even more satisfying to get one in the head. At which the pack retreated whining and most unhappy and I pegged it homewards. As a quick test of the fight or flight mechanism it was great - my HR went up from 140 odd to 170 in about about 5 seconds and I didn't really recover until I got home. 

I've got a nasty bite on my left calf - only skin deep fortunately but I was in A&E at 0700 getting it cleaned out and being injected with a tetanus shot. The Doctiore concluded that the dogs weren't rabid from their behavuiour. So now I have to go and explain to the physio why I didn't do my stretches this morning - and that will be a lot more painful than the bite :(

The worst thing is I was driving close by Wisma Mofaz yesterday and this stupid dog ran out and I did an emergency brake to avoid running it down. Now I feel maybe I'll just put my foot down when I see a dog. 


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