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T - 108 - Tuesday - Cycle - Hmmm
by Denis Oakley in

0530 came and went and I snoozed on. I deserved a win after all I'd worked really hard at the weekend. And besides I hadn't got any of my stuff ready and it would take me ages to get sorted and by then there'd be loads of traffic . . .

Felt bad all day and in the end went to the Gym in the evening with Senay. Actually I went down first and told her - if you're not coming come down and tell me or I'll be in a really bad mood. Nice vicious bit of emotional blackmail. Sorry my love.

I hate gyms. It was the first time I'd been in one for 6 months and it was horrible. As a way of rotting the human mind gyms come a close third to Syphillis and TV's. Aaargh. I survived 30 or 40 minutes on a spinner doing1 legged pedalling and then 30 second all out efforts whilst Shen pedalled on sedately beside me.

Then some stretching and played on the treadmill for 10 minutes. It was really funny altering my cadence rapidly made everyone think I was working a lot harder than I actually was. What I should do I suppose is to use a HRM and see what effect a different cadence has for theoretically the same effort. Glad I got out with my sanity intact.


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