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T -107 - Run and Swim - Wednesday
by Denis Oakley in

Up early and out on the road after fiding all my kit. Hill intervals again and this time it was 8 1 minute efforts.  Weather wasn't too hot but I did have an admiring audience of school kids as I did circles up and down the hill.

I reinterpreted speed intensity and decided that it was a pace that I could maintain all the way up the hill rather than sprinting from the botom. That really worked. I don't think I worked as hard but the effort was a lot more consistent and I susually had a bit left to give a final push as the gradient started to decrease a bit.

Really enjoyed myself. Was also picked up by a kerb crawler - not really but someone stopped and asked if I was a pace setter. I admitted it and she said that she used to run on Sunday mornings with the Pacesetters and was looking for like minded folk to car share with. So her name is Debbie and I expect to see something on an AT noticeboard soon enough.

Which reminds me - I still don't know if my Langkawi payment has gone through :(

Sam cancelled the swim and my book was too interesting to leave and swim in the rain.


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