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T -105 Run & No Swim (again) Friday
by Denis Oakley in

There s nothing worse than sitting down knackered and starving to write this blog than to realise that whilst the big bowl of pasta is delicious - it is inaccessible without a spoon. bugger.

Friday morning was a bit different to usual in that the car was due a service and so I dropped it off at Tan Chong and set out with my new water belt - Sorry Simon I got tempted at the Powerman Expo. Totally new area to me so I just put my nose in the air, held my tail up high and wernt off looking for bitches to sniff and lamp posts to sprinkle. 

Enjoyable run and I think I pretty much did a circuit of PJ climbing quite high above the Klang Valley by some graveyards and a cematorium before coming back on myself and liberating a Tuna Sub and 2 cans of coke from Subway. The first part of the run was pretty slow as the water belt was bouncing everywhere. The most comfortable position ended up being a shakira-esque low slung hip position. As it emptied and my motor warmed up the pace picked up as well. I really enjoyed the run and felt pretty good when I got back. 

 I think that a good chunk of my problem with Powerman was that it was a duathlon and that I'd done, and intended to do, no race specific training for it. Simon did - and look what he achieved as a result. Counter argument - look at Emma. 

Sam cancelled the swim - and then uncancelled - but by then I had been requisitioned for domesitic duties.


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