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T -104 Cycle - Perez - Saturday
by Denis Oakley in

Up at five and no real effects from the 2 pitchers I killed in 20 minutes before James Bond on Friday night. That was good - and so was by night before prep and I was out the door quickly and heading off to Mid-Valley for the rendezvous that I had massively missed 2 weeks previously.

It rained on the way up top the Penchala Link and with visibility reduced to zero I trusted that I knew the road well enough and kept my pace up not wanting to be late. Coming out of the Penchala link into more rain I decided that this was a bad idea and put my sunglasses on an hour before dawn. Thee only time I'd wear them until a similar torrent on the way home.

After 24 minutes the Ergomo display stopped working. 

Cruised into the rendezvous and we set off losing a couple pretty quickly to a different route and then Sergeant Sam who though we were going somewhere else and went there.  Pace was relaxed for the first while, until we picked up Simon, and suddenly my legs started to ache. 

Perez hill was a nice climb, somewhere out beyond Cheras, and I had plenty of spare gears. Dave was slow on the way up - the result of some Japanese Mackerel though I didn't see that many fish on the road. At the top we waited for a while and then had a laugh as Simon rang Dave and left a message on his phone. We could all see Dave debating whether to answer the phone or not on the steep hill. He didn't and a few minutes later turned up. 

Then a nice glide all the way back down and then further on to a Dam with the fastest bit of the trip. We had a welcome water and coke break and then just as we were leaving Senay rang with some problems about Amadou not paying the service charge and Maya's birthday being put in jeopardy as a result. 30 Minutes of conversation followed as I tried to keep up with group and at one point had to put the phone in my mouth whilst talking in order to manage the breaks on an unexpected and steep descent. All good fun.

Back to the turnoff and I felt really bad saying that I had to push on to get back to help sort out the birthday. Dave had been dropped and I didn't like leaving him. Simon had to get back as well and so I had a big grin on my face as I thought about the extra km/h I'd pick up drafting off him. A few minutes later Aaron showed up and I cowered in his HUGE wind shadow.

Then the pain began - i had to work hard to stay close to Simon who had his head down and was pushing it. Staying up on my brakes was numbing my hads but I kept thinking of Maya's party so I kep close - until after a while I dropped back onto the aero bars for a rest and the played catchup - onto the brakes - and then start the cycle again. Bruilliant riding though and I learnt a lots. Thank you Simon.

Then pushing back into KL and Mont' Kiara with Aaron who was a star. His bike was acting as a resistantce motor with resiatance increasinging non-linaerly when effort was increased linearly. I waqs truggling a bit by this point but we shot back over the Kerinchi link and then on my own up over the Penchala Link and back into the rain.

150km (or just under) and I felt pretty pleased with the result. The dead Ergomo is probably a blessing and the riding was great.

Mypost exercise workout was blowing up (not using a pump) a bouncy castle for Maya's p[arty. It took my just under an hour and I realised afterwards that with a bit of forethough I could have used the exercise to calculate my lung capacity. nevermind I can always let the air out and do it again. . . Not.


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