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T - 100 - Run & Swim Wednesday
by Denis Oakley in

Ok a few days late in writing this up. Wednesday is my interval training day on the runs and I did the last of my short hill climbs. Up and down the hill outside Armanee Terrace.

I worked quiten hard on keeping the pace slow to start with and speeding uyp towards the end of the hill (about a minute later) and felt pretty good by the end. On the cool down my right hamstring started aching so I cut the cooldown short and walked home.

Swim in the evening was good though hard -  as ever I am still a lot slower than everyone else and was happy enough to cut a little bit off the sets to keep in sync. I'm dfinding that the pull buoy really works for me. We did faster and faster sets of shorter and shorter distances. Whilst I was a lot slower over the longer distances I was quite suprised that I was fractionally the fastest over 25m. Maybe because power had an advantage over technique at that level.


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