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T -129 - Cycle - Tuesday 21st October
by Denis Oakley in

Hill intervals again. I debated where to go and headed over to Kg Sg Penchala for my favourite hill. In the lift I realised I had a puncture and headed  home. As it hadn't been there on Saturday I figured it must be slow puuncture, pumped the tire up and went out again, a bit nervously. It held for the ride :)

Only six intervals today. I started off slower than I had in previous sessions saving effort for the last 15% section. I also did the whole session sitting down which was unpleasant and in the gear one up from the bottom. Pleased with my results. 

I think that my best was on the third when a passerby having seen me approaching the hill gave me a cheer and I managed to ramp up my cadence and produce a lot of power. I peaked on the 5th and by the last interval I was failing a bit.

Legs were tired and I could really feel the genting effect. Home and strength training which I took easy as I had quite a lot of upper body sorness. Not quite sure why as on Genting I was quite religious in being gentle with my handle bars and not choking them to death. :)


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