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T - 126 - Run - Friday 24th October
by Denis Oakley in

The run was a 35 minute easy so I decided to make it a high cadence low speed run. How high a cadence could I kick out for 35 minutes on a consistent basis. The GPS didn't lock on for most of the run so I didn't even have to worry about how slow I was going (I think it was probably about 9km/h).

The idea was that having a high cadence midsole striking session would help set a pattern for other runs that I could build on.  It averaged at about 86 which was higher than usual. I did one max cadence effort and got up to 118rpm  for 5s. Unfortunately either that, or the high cadence running (less likley) triggered something and my left hip started protesting. It didn't go away and so I walked the last 300m home. 


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