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T - 124 - Brick - Sunday 26th October
by Denis Oakley in

Total distaster. I had a slow puncture in my rear tyre when I started off - so as a quick fix I pumped a CO2 cannister into it and headed off towards Rawang. On the elevated higway above Kepong I was barrelling along and switching lanes to avoid going down the ramp. Looking behind me I didn't see a huge pot-hole unfortunately front and rear wheels did and the slow puncture in the rear wheel became an irrelevance. 

Stranded in the middle of the high way for 5 minutes before I could get to the hardshoulder and then a quick tyre change. Cracking. Second CO2 cylinder out: apply: rubber sealant ring comes out with CO2: CO2 increases global warming and fails to inflate tire. Bugger.

A quick stop to the shell station revealed that car tire inflators don't work on bikes. So I started the second part of the brick and took 1 1/4 hours to walk back what I had covered in 14 minutes and 53 seconds. Somewhere along the way the front tire got a puncture as well. The result - 3 new tires, 2 new CO2 cannisters and RM75 less in my pocket. Oh and siff shoulders from carrying my bike for so long.


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