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T - 169 - Power - Thursday 11th September
by Denis Oakley in

There is always so much too learn. With this training process I feel that I am so much more knowledeable than I have ever been before but each day I realise how much I have to learn about all the little components of what I am doing.  Reading my Tr-Power book this morning I realised that I hadn't taken the tempo of the exercises into account - so I added another little bit into my routine that I hope will make them more effective. Certainly taking 6 seconds to do a push up - 3 seconds up, 1 second hold and 2 seconds down hurts a lot more.

But its like this in everything that I do - work, tri, family and definitely in love. 

Thighs felt generally quite heavy and I gave the hamstrings a good workout - but feeling twinges of cramp in my arches. On the plus side looking for that I found Joe Friel's blog which looks like it is worth reading. Enjoy.


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