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T -222 Sunday 20th July - Swim and Cycle
by Denis Oakley in

I'm now looking back a couple of weeks to bring this up to date. We lost internet at home and due to TM being a bunch of fuckwits still don't have it back. Combined with the travelling everythin is therefore a bit out of date.

Sunday morning it looks like I headed out for a 40 minute cycle down the LDP to Kelana Jaya. 21.5k in just under 40 minutes with an average speed of 32kph and an average heart rate of 144BPM

Later in the day I tried out my BRAT trisuit in the swimming pool. At first I was terrified that I'd overtrainned as I felt so slow and week and my arms were struggling. Have way through my 300m warm up I figured out that the problem wasn't with my arms it was with the hydrodynamics of the tri-suit. I did 1200m in 30 minutes at a 25m/km pace. That's 5 minutes slower than doing it breaststroke in swimming trunks and almost half the 17m/km pace that I did at Hellvellyn 2 years ago.

So no more tri suit for swimming except with a wetsuit. Great learning point and why you should always test your kit out before a race


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